Group Training Programs

We believe everyone that comes through our doors is different. Different fitness levels, injuries, ages, goals, the list could go on and on! Because of this we know that each person needs an individualized approach to reach their goals. Starting from day one we assess your needs and make sure we are putting you in the best position to have success.

Semi Private Training

We are all not the same! Some clients are older, some are younger, some have injuries that don’t allow them to do certain exercises, others want to build muscle, or lose fat. Small Group Training allows your coach to give you more personal attention to challenge you in the best way possible. Sessions have no more than 5 participants.

Circuit Training

At Our Team Fitness we utilized full body movements that cross over into everyday life. Push, pull, lift, press, carry, core… you name it we have it covered! Each session is set up to challenge you and help you hit your goals no matter where you are in your health and fitness journey.

Online Classes

Join us online and workout from home. Enjoy the convenience of working out at home while still being able to interact with others. Our online workouts can be modified to help fit your ability and fitness level.

What Our Amazing Clients Have To Say...

Our client's success is our success. Here are some of the achievements we’ve celebrated with our community.

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